Linde International

Since 1997, Linde International President Scott Linde has acted as an on-going consultant to this large family-owned business and Linde International supplies whatever the Summa Group needs from the USA. In 2010-11, Linde partnered with Summa to complete a private hospital in Moldova’s capital of Chisinau, and the African Union Summit Convention Center in Equatorial Guinea.

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About Summa

Summa is an international construction company which is among the most successful in Europe. Summa is a private company with more than 3,000 employees which was started more than 35 years ago in Ankara, Turkey by Mete Bora, who now operates the company with his sons. Summa now has offices in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey; Bucharest, Romania; Chisinau, Moldova; Moscow, Russia; Tripoli, Libya and Pittston, PA, USA. The company’s field of activities includes infrastructure, waste water treatment, drinking water, irrigation systems, housing, hotels, hospitals, business centers, military facilities, administrative buildings, industrial plants and warehouses. Summa has successfully completed projects in such extreme temperatures as Siberia (-50 degrees Celsius) to Libya (+40 degrees Celsius). For each of the last 4 years Summa has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Construction from Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.